Wind Turbine - Windhog



  * All products (except inverters) are made in the U.S.A
* We build the turbines and controllers we sell from the ground up.
* We build the units to last average life expectancy is 20 years
* We built our products with pride every unit is fully tested.
* We are easy to contact we have one of the best customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.
* Units are built to service in the field easy repairs.
* American workers produce the products no out of the country hired employees or contracted companies.
* We forge, machine, and weld all pieces of our turbines and products.
* Low cost products are fairly priced and has sold us over 5000 turbines world wide to date.
* Some of the best warranty's in the business 5 years extended warranty available on w100, w350, and w650 and 10 year on turbinators 4kw and 10kw turbines
  Windhog 650 Series

- Rated at 200 kwh of production a month in a 10mph average wind speed
- Available in 12, and 24 volt systems. 48 volts with two turbines is Available.
- High Speed Aluminum Blades
- Startup for is 7.6mph
- You will rarely see this unit not spinning even in 2-3mph of wind
- Blades are 35" long with a 14" T1 hardened steel hub
- All New Permanent Magnet alternator for efficient power with all new 10 times larger stator than any competitor model
- No electronics in alternator
- 3 Phase output allows power to get to controller more efficiently with less expensive wire
- Stainless slip ring stops wires from being twisted when turbine pivots
- 1-15/16" cast iron greaseable bearing for mounting
- Fits 1.5" schedule 80 black pipe
- All steel no plastic all welded design
- Stainless Sealed Alternator Bearings
- Breaking system: Electronic
- Unit weight is 80lbs
- Controller included
- Survival 120mph

$1,500.00 with 1 year warranty
$1,800.00 with 5 year warranty

30 day lead time
  Turbinator 4kw Wind Turbine

- Model: Turbinator 4k
- Rated Output offgrid at 30mph: 3kw
- Max Output at survival 110mph: 4.8kw
- Rated Output ongrid at 30mph: 4kw
- Max Output at survival 110mph: 6kw
- Output voltage: 48v for offgrid 250v for grid tie.
- Max current output 48 volt battery system 80 amps
- Max current output 250v system 24 amps
- 3 phase between alternator and controller
- Controller included
- Blade diameter: ~10 feet
- Blade number: 3
- Blade material: aluminum
- Mounting: 2" schedule 80 pipe locking collar. Other options available on request
- Dimensions of turbine:
Without Blades L6'xW1'xH1'
With blades L6'xW10'xH10'
- Weight 200lbs
- Warranty: 5 years/10 years extended

MSRP: $4,600.00